• Taylor Hicks

Direct Funder Comparison Report

Our team recently compiled data from dozens of direct funders in the MCA space. From this data, we published a Direct Funder Comparison Report, which gives a detailed breakdown of terms, factor rates, commission, and much more.

Extensive research went into the making of this report. We want to be clear – our intentions are not to smear our competition. We simply want to continue

educating our active and potential referral partners on Elevate’s key benefits and differences. Out of respect, we redacted direct funder names from this document and instead used terms such as Competitors, Direct Funder A, Direct Funder B, and so forth.

Here's a link to the report, if you'd like to download it. It's also summarized below.

In summary, we are a TRUE direct funder. We do not engage in unethical/deceptive practices, and you never have to worry about us shopping out your deals. We want to do right by you and your merchants.

Honesty and transparency are at the core of what we do. We succeed when our partners succeed, and we strive to be an honest and considerate funding partner at all times.

We're always looking to partner with more quality, reputable ISOs/brokers and ramp up our relationships with current ones. If you are interested in partnership and wish to speak to someone now, please call us at 888-382-3945 or click here to send us an inquiry. One of our teammates will get back to you as soon as they are available.

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