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Our newest product geared towards helping small business owners affected by COVID-19, but are now reopening. Please contact us to learn more about this program.

A frequent question we receive from merchants is when they are eligible for a renewal. We understand that unforeseen business costs or emergencies can occur, creating the need for additional cash flow. With our Flex Funds program, we are offering our merchants the ability to take additional funds up to 30% of their funding amount after three weeks of consecutive payments.

Better rates and longer terms up to 8 months are now available to qualified merchants. Embark bridges the gap between short term 3-5 month products and +1 year products. Just like our normal offerings, we still do not pull credit, do not require COJs, and do not file UCCs for Embark offers.

Open for At Least

3 Months


Competitive Commission Levels

Commission is paid out on the payback amount, eliminating confusion of how much is earned and the need to haggle on buying down factor rates. With our commission levels, the more you fund, the bigger percentage pay out!

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Our Reputation

Elevate is a member of SBFA (Small Business Finance Association) and has been featured in industry publications like DeBanked and DailyFunder. Our leadership has over 10 years of experience in the financial sector.

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